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About Us


Anset Smart Technology Co., Ltd.

  • 10Year

    R&D experience
  • 75%

    doctorate or master's degree
  • 77GHz

    millimeter-wave radar

Anset Smart Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in researching MMW radar transducers with MMW radar technology as its core and it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Genture Electronics Co., Ltd.

We have an excellent domestic research and development group under the guidance of Professor Yuehua Li and supported by MMW Key Laboratory of Nanjing University of Science and Technology. We devote ourselves to researching MMW radar. A set of MMW radar system design resources and complete experimental facility enables our company to research and produce MMW products.

We concentrate on commercial radar science and technology project design and mainly specialize in flow measurement, intelligent transportation systems and reverse on-board safety. Advanced design concept, roboticized manufacturing techniques and military-level experimental measurement can ensure that our products lead the industry through reliability and consistency.

Yuehua Li

Doctoral Supervisor Long-Term Authority

The initiator of the project is Professor Yuehua Li who is a doctoral supervisor and long-term authority in theoretic and engineering application research on MMW short-range detection system. He is a deputy director committee member of MMW SMMW Specialized Committee of Chinese Institute of Electronics MW Branch, a deputy director committee member of the Editorial Committee of Journal of Detection & Control, member of Jiangsu Province Electrotechnical Society, and senior member of Chinese Institute of Electronics and IEEE Member.

Research Orientations:

(1) MMW SMMW short-range detection system design;
(2) Precise detection imagery and objective identification;
(3) Signal processing and intelligent technology.

Academic Achievements:

(1) Took charge of and completed five important pre-research projects and fund programs of ministries and commissions;
(2) Won third prize in science and technology progress issued by the Ministry twice and five national patents for invention;
(3) Published more than 100 papers on kernel periodicals, meeting at home and abroad;
(4) Co-published one monograph “MMW Proximity Sense Technology Base.”