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Talent Strategy

01Talent Strategic Planning Guiding Thought

Implement the strategy of talents making enterprise strong, and carry out Scientific Outlook on Development, take improvement of human resource occupational ability as objectives, highlight three steps of training, attracting and making full use of talents, speed up talent team construction, and relieve shortage of talents to provide talents to develop the company.

02Principle For Talents Strategic Planning

1. People-first principle. Take human sustainable development as the objective, intensify Anset talent concept, and make the talent team construction coordinate with development of the company. 2. Principle for capacity building as guidance. Speed up talent capacity building and make advanced talents lead development. 3. Implementation of life-long education and training principle. Propel implementation of diversified life-long education and training in multi-layers, keep the balance of supply and demand in quantity, and coordinate and optimize talent structure. 4. Principle of training, identification and use with occupational capacity as standard. Occupational training can make talents’ occupational capacity become strong. 5. Whole advancement principle. Strengthen connection and mutual effect of talent training, evaluating, selecting, using, flowing, stimulating and ensuring; and establish Anset-characteristic efficient operation system and high-quality operating mode conforming to the socialist market economy.